Due to the ever-changing epidemiological situation and the prevalent coronavirus infection, we want to answer our travelers' concerns about organized travel and the risks of COVID-19.

1. What if the new security trip won't happen?
If your trip is canceled due to a change in security requirements, we'll offer you one of the alternatives - change your travel date, use a coupon to purchase any other travel we sell before the coupon expires or request a refund. If you choose the refund option, we'll be committed to refunding you within 14 business days.

2. K as if I get a positive COVID-19 test before I travel?
If you will receive a positive COVID-19 result before leaving for the trip, cancellation of the trip is not possible. It is possible to take out insurance to reduce losses if you cancel your trip.

3. What if on the go do I get COVID-19?

Self-isolation should be used and medical treatment if necessary. In this case, the additional costs for medical care and treatment are borne by the traveler, so we recommend that you obtain medical expenses and travel interruption insurance.

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